Keep or Chuck?

115 days to go. Time is passing through our fingers and we still have many things to do. It’s high time we started clearing out the flat. Five years worth of accumulated stuff to be sorted through. Two piles for all our possessions: Keep or Chuck.

Personally I would put everything into the Chuck pile. Make life so much easier. And as my mum always says ‘more stuff is more things dust around.’  And I’m not the kind of person who does dusting. In fact 90% of our possessions have acquired a grey patina because of this. Oops. But we can’t throw everything out, eventually we will have to return to bonny old England. It’ll be easier to not start from scratch.

Thus begins the Quest For Clearance. I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins stepping out onto a dragon hoard of junk. Particularly as Pete has a habit of keeping anything that has even a hint of being even vaguely useful at some ill-defined point in the future. But I am Master of the Bin Bags, Tamer of the Trash, I am Recycling Whisperer. And I have been summoned to tidy.

Although, I will admit, I can be a bit over-zealous. I have thrown away cherished memories and important documents in the past… But I mean, who needs their birth certificate anyway?


We may be eaten by bears

In response to this week’s Discover Challenge

Gem here, back for another round of this blogging lark. And I suppose now is the perfect time to talk about the issues we’ve faced in getting set up for our tour of Europe. They’re not problems unique to us. In fact, they’re the same ones that most people have, when it comes to just upping and leaving.

And how to overcome them? I suppose it’s just a question of motivation.

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So here we go!

Well, first things first, Hi!

Second, Hi.

Gem here, and I’m here to tell you why I’m blogging… and that’s because I’m a narcissist who thinks that everyone should read everything I have to say. And also because I’m going travelling and I guess I should keep people updated as to what part of the world I’m in (oh, and I suppose Pete will be there too (so long as I haven’t lost him)).

For the next few months we’ll be posting our planning and ideas leading up to the Big Fly Away. Hopefully after that we will keep it going abroad. No promises! Sorry mum.

So that’s the formalities out of the way, let’s get to it.