I think it’s easy to talk about the adventure that is waiting for us when we up and go backpacking, it’s pretty obvious truth be told, but I think for this post I actually want to talk about the adventure that is waiting for us when we get back.

As you can tell, we are giving up our current digs and our jobs to go on this backpacking tour. Which is great, nothing to hold us back. However this puts us in a bit of a quandary when it comes to surviving once our money lets out, once we can no longer keep going and are forced back into the UK. Luckily, Pete has provided for us. In the form of a flat. A flat that needs renovating.

See where this is going?

That’s right. When we return we must turn our hand to decorating and updating. We’re going to get jobs, buy a mattress and a cheap T.V, and move into his digs. Then we’ll have to, surprise surprise, SAVE. Story of my life at the moment. We have to save for new windows, new doors, new plumbing, rollers, brushes, paint, the lot.

Then, whilst we’re working, we have to put in the windows, the doors, the plumbing, the paint. All without killing each other. And I don’t have a lick of practical DIY experience. That’s the real adventure. Because throw me into an unknown city, with nothing but a spare change of pants and a map to the nearest bar, I’m gonna survive. Hand me a screwdriver and ask me to put up some shelves, then I’m gonna look blank and accidentally build you a chair.

That’s half the fun though. I’ll learn new skills and Pete will get cheap labour (chuck me a bottle of wine, I’ll work for you too). Then at the end, we’ll live rent free for a few months in a clean, tidy flat, save some money and move on to the next chapter in our lives. More travelling, more renovating, setting up a business or something completely different. As the tagline to the blog says: Where are we going? Don’t Know! And that’s half the fun.


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